Prior to laser tattoo removal, methods for removing unwanted ink were painful, harmful, and very risky. Some of those methods are still being used today, but often result in scarring and other unwanted side effects. Only laser tattoo removal can safely and effectively remove a tattoo with limited to no unwanted side effects.

Salabrasion and Dermabrasion

Salabrasion is one of the oldest methods of tattoo removal and involves using salt, water, and an abrasive device to rub the skin. Dermabrasion is a similar method that uses a wire brush or other abrasive instrument to remove the upper layers of skin. Both of these methods are very painful and definitely injure the skin, almost always resulting in scarring.


Excision is a surgical method for tattoo removal that is very invasive. While skin grafts can be used during an excision procedure, patients almost always experience scarring. Not only does this procedure require a long downtime, it can also be very painful.

Acid Peels and Injections

Acid peels such as TCA peels and injections use harsh chemicals that dissolve ink and several top layers of skin. While acid peels and injections have the ability to reach deep layers of ink, they are known to be painful and often result in scarring and burn marks.


Tattoo removal creams may seem attractive due to their low price point, however, they just don’t work! Similar to acid peels, tattoo removal creams use chemicals like bleaching ingredients to create the illusion that your tattoo is fading. In reality, tattoo removal creams cannot reach deep enough into the dermal layer of your skin where tattoo ink resides.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Today, laser tattoo removal remains the safest, fastest, and most effective method for removing unwanted tattoos. Only FDA-approved laser technology like our Astanza Trinity laser can reach deep into the skin and target unwanted ink without damaging any surrounding skin tissue. Not only can Precision Laser successfully remove all tattoo ink colors, we can also safely treat all patient skin types.

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